Class Rules

All cars must be a door car, no dragsters in BT, ST, and DR.

Anything is allowed in the index classes.

- Excessive Autosports BIG TIRE($200 buy in) $1000 plus buy ins
----Anything with doors!
----IF you can fit the tire, you can RACE IT!!!
- Garage Built Racing SMALL TIRE ($200 buy in) $5000 Guaranteed PAYOUT
----29.5 10.5 non W MAXIMUM
----UP to 315 drag radial allowed
- NEAD's DRAG RADIAL ($100 buy in) $4000 Guaranteed PAYOUT
----Must have DOT number
---- M/T 3754x and 3763x allowed
---- MT pro bracket radial 28x10.5 and 29.5x10.5 allowed 
---- Hoosier Drag Bracket Radial 28x10.5 and 29.5x10.5 
----NO BIAS PLY TIRES ALLOWED (Such as Quicktime PROs, or ET Street bias plys
-CB Construction Dial in ($60 buy in) 100% payout
----Pick your ET
----No Electronics or throttle stops
-J&N Granite 6.50 Index ($60 Buy In) 100% payout
-Jordan's 7.50 Index ($60 Buy in) 100% payout
----Any vehicles allowed
----No delay boxes allowed


All classes are drawn from chips for first round, and put into a ladder. Each class is single elimination. AFTER ELIMINATED, you may TNT between rounds. YOU MAY NOT TNT IF STILL IN A CLASS.