Class Rules

All cars must be a door car in Big tire, Small tire, and drag radial.
Any type of vehicle is allowed in the index classes.
Heads up, .400 Pro Tree for all classes except Index classes will be instant green.
Clocks will be on for ALL CLASSES.
All classes are drawn from chips for first round, and put into a ladder. Each class is single elimination. AFTER ELIMINATED, you may TNT between rounds. YOU MAY NOT TNT IF STILL IN A CLASS.
One burnout allowed, as far as you like.
ALL CLASSES ARE SPLIT 80/20 ( real street pays to Semis)

- Excessive Autosports BIG TIRE($250 buy in) $1000 plus buy ins
----Anything with doors!
----IF you can fit the tire, you can RACE IT!!!

- Garage Built Racing SMALL TIRE ($200 buy in)
$10,000 Guaranteed PAYOUT - NO MIN CAR COUNT
----29.5 10.5 non W MAXIMUM
----UP to 315 drag radial allowed

- NEAD's DRAG RADIAL ($150 buy in) $1000 plus buy ins
----Must have DOT number(except pro bracket)
---- M/T 3754x and 3763x allowed
---- MT pro bracket radial 28x10.5 and 29.5x10.5 allowed
---- Hoosier Drag Bracket Radial allowed in 28x10.5 and 29.5x10.5
----NO BIAS PLY TIRES ALLOWED (Such as Quicktime PROs, or ET Street bias plys

- Quick Performance Real Street ($40 Buy in) 100% Payout- Pays to Semis (This is a low buy in, low payout class on purpose. Meant for your budget racer that doesnt fit any other class)
--NO DOUBLE ENTRY into other classes
--Must make 50 mile cruise
--Stock STYLE suspension(Import Exempt)
--Factory Appearing Interior- No steel showing
--Factory type body panels- BESIDES HOOD
--Both Front seats required (Kirky Style ok)
--Factory Glass (trucks rear lexan with cage ok)
--DOT TIRES on all 4 corners
--275 Radial MAX tire on 15"/16" wheel(et pros allowed)
--355 Radial MAX tire on 17"+ wheel
--Rules subject to change based on spirit of class

-Diesel Truck RX's 6.50 Index ($60 Buy In) 100% payout
-J&N Granite 7.50 Index ($60 Buy in) 100% payout
----Any vehicles allowed
----No delay boxes allowed