Class Rules

All cars must be a door car, no dragsters

- BIG TIRE($200 buy in)
----Anything with doors!
----IF you can fit the tire, you can RACE IT!!!

- SMALL TIRE ($150 buy in)
----29.5 10.5 non W MAXIMUM
----UP to 315 drag radial allowed
----No Wheelie bars

- DRAG RADIAL (DOT TIRE) $100 buy in
----Must have DOT number
---- M/T 3754x and 3763x allowed
----NO BIAS PLY TIRES ALLOWED (Such as Quicktime PROs, or ET Street bias plys)
----No Wheelie bars
----Stock style front suspension
----No tube chassis cars
----Back half allowed


-FWD ($50 Buy in)
----Any tire or engine combo

-Stick shift($50 Buy in)
----Man pedal required(clutch pedal)
-----NO clutchless transmissions such as G-force, Lencos, or Liberty.
-----Standard H pattern transmissions.

-Street Tire ($20 buy in)
---- 200 treadwear rating limit!!!!!! If it's not listed on the tire, im going to assume it's less than 200.
---- Normal true HARD tire. (No size restrictions)
---- AWD/4wd vehicles not allowed in Street tire class.
---- No tires made by Mickey Thompson or Hoosier.

-Naturally Aspirated($50 Buy in)
----28x10.5 non W or 28x11.50 Quick time Pro maximum tire size
----275 Radial maximum tire size
----Anything Larger than above sizes must be 17" wheels or greater
----Nitrous Bottles will need to be removed. If they are seen installed, you are assumed to be using it.
-Bikes ($50 Buy in)
----No bars
Full Size Trucks
- Full size truck only. Any tire size
- Any power adder combination. 
Examples are: F150, Silverado, Ram...etc
Not legal examples: Ranger, Colorado, Tacoma, etc...
$25 tech card must be purchased for every car.

Spectators are $15 per person.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions about rules or if your tire is allowed in a certain class.